Business Consulting

We support clients to resolve their most pressing issues of strategy, operations and organisation

Relations & Strategy

We will develop a comprehensive investor relations program which greatly improves the public image by clearly articulating client’s key investment attributes, strategic direction and financial expectations.

Negotiations & Facilitation

A proven ability with excellent interpersonal skills and a strong commercial awareness. Our Specialization: Board/Management Communication, Management performance, External stakeholder engagement

Private Capital Sourcing

We help privately held companies raise new equity or debt capital to fund growth, finance acquisitions, or recapitalize their ownership structure.

About Ladybird Business Consultants

We care about business owners and all the callenges they face. No matter if you have cash flow problem, marketing or staff problems, our coaches and mentors can help. Once we understand your business situation and demands, we will help you thrive and improve your situation.

Unique Approach

We have proven history of more than 10 years working with hundreds of businesses across the world. Over this time, we have become well known as one of the best Consultant Agencies that you may find. That is mostly because of our simple business philosophy:

1. We analyse your business today and prepare it for tomorrow implementing best strategies, measuring results on every step.

2. We are focused on improving all key areas of your business in order to maximize your performance and earnings.

Our Partners

We have worked with hundreds of companies around the globe, but here are just few of them that have improved their standings using our services:

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